Update 19 Dec 2016

Correspondence of IDs

The table presents the correspondence between IDs used in the internet web site (and in our genealogy database) with the references of the book of Jean-Paul Dardel: "La Famille Dardel", second edition, 2004.

Click on the column headers to sort the table.

Unfortunately, the family names with a particule (von Dardel, de Montmollin etc.) are not sorted correctly if you chose a sort by name or surname.

The dates are given in ISO format: yyyy-mm-dd to be properly sorted.

If you click on the underlined IDs, you will reach the corresponding person sheet.

Date naissDate of birth
Date décèsDate of death
FilBranch (Huguenin, Blaise, Nicolet)
1915 (après)After 1915
1915 (avant)Before 1915
1915 (env.)Approx. 1915

The IDs of the database have no genealogical significance: they are set automatically by the software at the time of entering new persons.