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12th July 2024
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Blason 1810

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Dardel Genealogy
The Descendants of Jehan Dardel the miller
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Please send us your
corrections and additions!

A few individual pages:

All the family and person sheets are in French.
The Family Tree: the Descendants of Jehan Dardel
(Presented by François de Dardel)

The person and family sheets have been generated automatically by a genealogy database.

The data were initially compiled from various sources, and the main contributor was Dr. Jean-Paul Dardel of Hendaye. If you have not yet purchased the book he has published, you should get it: it contains innumerable details and documents on our family. (see page "Famille Dardel").

The software — originally American — used for the database is now in French (since December 2011). All the pages, with a few exceptions, are in French. A list of abbreviations is given below.

Let me know what you think of this genealogy site. More importantly even, send me comments regarding possible mistakes, or additions. The complete database is available in GED format (a specific genealogy database format, requiring genealogy software) for those interested. It contains a few more details, notes for several of the listed persons, and includes presently 6716 entries of which 1484 Dardels, vs 2000 and 1407 at the time of the first edition of Jean-Paul Dardel's book, plus another 284 for the Fenin-Villars-Saules branch. The database also contains 1070 pictures, of which 807 for individuals and 263 images of family groups.

It goes back to Jehan Dardel, in the 15th Century and shows now eighteen generations of Dardels in five centuries!

A little far-fetched, albeit true: the "Swedish branch" of the family descends from King Christian III of Danmark, who was an ancestor of Sophie Lewenhaupt. Here the corresponding chart in PDF format, in French with coats of arms.

You can navigate these pages quite simply:
Clicking on "Surnames" above (or "Noms" in the individual family or person sheets) will bring a list of all family names present in the database. Clicking on one family name will bring the "Index" of that family, with all persons included in the database, sorted by given name. Caution: there are many homonyms (persons with the same name).

Convention for given names
By default, the first given name is assumed to be the usual one. The order of the given names is in principle the order under which the child was registered at birth. In cases where the usual name is not the first one, it is indicated with an asterisk (e.g.: Marc Amiod*).

Tips for searching the database:

  • In the index, you can use the "search" or "find" function of your browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc.).
  • Because of the many Dardel homonyms, it is often easier to start the search with the name of the allied family.
Genealogy cards
fiche famille There are two ways to display the data:

1. Family card

Clicking on one of these given names will bring a family card (title: "Généalogie Dardel") with details of that person and his or her spouse, including their parents and children. From there, you can navigate the entire database.

Caution : I have selected the French version of this Table of Contents as the "Pivot" for the web database. Therefore, whenever you click the "Sommaire" (Contents) link, you will be brought back to the page in French. Sorry, I can't help it because the entire set of pages, except the present one, was created by my software, and I had to make a choice for the contents. I thought it was more logical to use the French one. Besides, all the data in the base, including notes, are in French.

fiche personne


2. Person card and biographical notes

When you click on a name in bold in the family record (usually one of the spouses, or an unmarried person), an individual record appears. It contains new elements:

  1. An identifier (ID) which is a reference in our database. This unique identifier has no genealogical significance, as it is assigned arbitrarily by our software.
  2. The reference number of Jean-Paul Dardel's book (JPD on the image), which applies to all persons born under the surname Dardel. See the details of this numbering.
  3. Biographical notes and possible links to other pages, but only some people have them.
  4. The display of all spouses when there are several.

The "Home Card" is that of Jehan Dardel the miller, who is the starting point of the present genealogy.

The ID numbering is arbitrary and has no genealogy significance. Every person has a reference number. However, I have established a list of correspondence between the IDs of this site and the reference numbers shown in Jean-Paul Dardel's family book. This is an index you can sort by name, surname, date, ID, or branch. If you click a name on this List of all people, you will open their person card.

Arbre 3. Mini-Tree

arbreIn addition to the two display methods above, if you click this small tree on any family sheet or person sheet, you get a family tree of the ascendants of the person for 5 generations.

4. Portraits and photos

photoThe presence of this camera indicates a "media" page in which you will find the person's image in bigger size and possibly other pictures.

Pictures showing a family group are accessible only from the family card, whereas pictures of individuals can be accessed from both types of card.

As a principle, we publish only pictures of deceased persons. There are however exceptions for people having a public life, those who have posted a picture of themselves on social networks or who have been the subject of an illustrated press article, as well as a few group photos. See the list of people of which at least a picture illustrates this site.

Send us new pictures! See some suggestions to scan, format and send us photos and documents.

Abbreviations and glossary
Each card represents a family, and contains the following information:
Mar. Mariage Marriage date and place
Div. Divorce Divorced
Nais. Naissance Birth date and place
Bapt. Baptême Christened
Déc. Décès Death date and place
Inh. Inhumation Burial
Cau. Cause Cause of death
Pro. Profession Occupation
Étud. Études Education
Conjoints Conjoints Spouses*
Enfants Enfants Children
Conjoints Spouses*
Père Father
Mère Mother

Glossary: terms of the menu bar (top of pages)
Sommaire Overview (this page)
Noms de famille Surnames
Racine Tree root (home card)
Fiche de famille Family sheet
Fiche individuelle Person sheet
Chercher Search

* In the case of multiple marriages, click on the underlined number to open the card with the other spouse and their descendance.

Several of the fields are left blank, because we didn't have the information. Please send us any additions or corrections (see Updates).

Updates and confidentiality
The data presented here contain many gaps and very probably a number of errors. We encourage you heartily to convey all corrections and additions to us. See the separate recommended modus operandi in English (also available in French, German, and Spanish).

Specifically, we would like to have:

  • Complete given names (to help you locate familiar persons in the jungle of homonyms)
  • Birth and death dates and places
  • Occupation
  • Biographical comments

EyeIf you would prefer not to appear at all in the genealogy, we can erase your name. Today, 22 persons (among approximately 1480 living or thought to be alive) are in this case.


SourceThe main source of the data is Jean-Paul Dardel's book (second edition, 2004). The sources used in the book are not known to us: they result of the many trips that Jean-Paul made to Neuchâtel during 30 years to exhaust the official archives of the town and several villages. As he was a meticulous man, his sources must be very reliable. In Switzerland, the civil status was recorded in parish registers since the 15th century. In 1799, a law made it compulsory for Swiss municipalities to keep civil registers (births, deaths and marriages), but it was revoked shortly afterwards, and it was not until 1830 that it became common practice.

Many new pieces of information were received later. Since the summer of 2011 — unfortunately not before — we have noted the source of the information in the database. It is shown in the person sheets as a small clickable red exponent. The reference may cover the person as a whole or only part of the person's data: event, profession, notes.

Recent updates originate either from direct information sent by family members (a good part of it through the update form available here), or from internet pages, including Wikipedia for famous persons, as well as from family trees posted by others having persons in common with our own family tree. We also reviewed numerous press archives that provided data on births, deaths and marriages, as well as occasional obituaries or articles about a few of the characters in our genealogy. In all cases, errors are possible, but we have been very careful to ensure that the collected information was at least plausible.

See on another page the complete list of the sources. The cards that do not show a source are in their majority based on Jean-Paul's book.

Note: The numbering of the sources may vary from one to the next version of the genealogy. The numbering of persons (ID) doesn't change.

Search function
A search function is availble since 2018. The search field will accept a name or surname and supply a list of persons with this name. Click a line in the list and the corrresponding family sheet will open.
THANKS to all who sent me updates and pictures!
Very helpful!
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