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Update of the genealogy data: recommendations
Updates, additions, new entries, and corrections
The important information to supply for each person is:
A Given names (all, mark with an asterisk the usual name); nickname if applicable
B Surname
C Sex (particularly if given name doesn't indicate it clearly, e.g. Andrea, Jean, or Dominique)
D Date of birth
E Place of birth
F Date christened (1)
G Place where christened (1)
H Date of death if applicable
I Place of death
J Date of burial (1)
K Place where buried (1)
L Cause of death (2)
M Occupation
N Education
O Notes or comments if useful or interesting (3)
P Names and dates of parents (to locate the person in the database)
Q Details A to P for the spouse
R Date of marriage (4)
S Place of marriage (4)
T Date and place of divorce if applicable; if details not known, just "divorced"
U Children (details A to P for each) (5)

(1) Date and place of christening and burial are sometimes known whereas those of birth and death are not, particularly when the registrar was the Church.
(2) The cause of death is sometimes interesting; also, it may give information about recurrent illnesses in the family.
(3) Information about the life, activity, significant actions, tastes and character of each person. This is what makes the person sheet interesting.
(4) Date and place of marriage are important if research has to be made with the register-office. If the couple is not married, put "unmarried".
(5) Specify twins and adopted children.

The above information can be sent by or by snail mail to

François de Dardel
167 avenue Ledru-Rollin
75011 Paris
Tel ++33 (0)1 437 237 59

Don't be scared by the length of the above list: even is information is missing, send us what you can. Check first what is missing of incorrect in the present web pages, and forward them to us using the on-line form. To make your life easier, a copy of the form in English is available here for downloading in MS Word format, as well as a filled example in PDF format (in French).

Documents and pictures
William BarbeyDocuments, photographs, and pictures of historical or artistic value are also welcome. In particular, a head portrait or photograph of your grand-parents or great-grand-parents. As a matter of principle, we publish only pictures of deceased people, or people having a public life (artists, politicians etc.). Click on the example picture on the right.

Expected specifications for pictures:

  • file type: any (JPG, PNG, BMP or other);
  • file size: any;
  • picture size at least 600 x 600 pixels (px), preferably bigger;
  • possibility of enlarging the head of the shown persons, so the basic image must be large enough: for pictures with one or several persons standing, at least 1200 px wide or high.
Set your scanner definition to 200-400 dpi. If you cannot scan the pictures yourself, we can do it for you: just send us prints by snail mail, and we will return them to you immediately. Of course, don't forget to note carefully the names of the person(s) on each photo!

See an appendix with suggestions to take a photo of a painting or scan documents. See also the list of people of which we have at least one picture.

You can send us pictures and documents to our contact address.

Notes about the updates
I update the global genealogy database on my computer continuously when I receive corrections. I do not post the corrected data on the web each time I receive an update, because I must upload each of the 18'000 individual files again... However, the index page with ID correspondence and the page of recent events are updated individually as soon as new information is received.